Celebrities pay for .porn

  Superstars and big-name brands buying .porn dominated last week’s domain name industry news headlines, as we take a look at the week that was. Taylor Swift buys .porn American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift lived up to her name when she moved swiftly and snapped up new porn domains. The 25-year-old was among a select group of […]

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Light up your .sydney domain name

Prime .Sydney real estate going cheap

  Sydneysiders have a dedicated online home thanks to the launch of the .sydney domain. If you’re based in the iconic city, you can register a .sydney web address and use it to extend your internet presence beyond the .com.au and other traditional Australian domain name extensions. .Sydney is one of several new city-based domains, with […]

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Up close and personal with Zen Hosting

  Today is a special day for Zen Hosting – the publication of our first blog post. On learning this, there are four questions that you, dear reader, will likely want answered – who we are, why we’re blogging, what we’ll be writing about and how you can get involved. So without further ado, here’s […]

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