An image depicting responsive website design

An introduction to responsive web design

While not a new concept, responsive web design was recently thrust into the spotlight after Google decided to reward “mobile friendly” websites in search engine results. The technology giant updated its search algorithm – which determines the order of websites in search results – earlier this year, making responsive website design a ranking signal on mobile devices. Soon […]

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Wordpress logo

Best WordPress plugins and themes

  WordPress is hands down the platform of choice for small business, with new data revealing even more owners have come to rely on the popular content management system this quarter. The State of the Web Report (Q2) by website backup service provider CodeGuard found a whopping 82.2% of the 250,000 small businesses it surveyed […]

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Up close and personal with Zen Hosting

  Today is a special day for Zen Hosting – the publication of our first blog post. On learning this, there are four questions that you, dear reader, will likely want answered – who we are, why we’re blogging, what we’ll be writing about and how you can get involved. So without further ado, here’s […]

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