What is web hosting is a question that you’ll likely want answered if you’re new to the exciting world of web site creation.

Web hosting goes hand-in-hand with domain names, so if you’re planning a web site, you’re going to need both.

Before we address what is web hosting, we will first answer what is a domain name.

By the end of this article, you’ll not only have an understanding of domain names and web hosting but a basic insight into how web sites work behind the scenes.

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What is a domain name


Just as your street address is a unique identifier that lets family and friends find your home to pay you a visit, a domain name is an online address that lets internet users easily find your web site.

A domain name, or domain, is simply a unique string of characters that users type into their internet browser to arrive at your web site.

An example of a famous domain name is www.google.com, which ends with the popular com extension. Zen Hosting’s domain name, www.zenhosting.com.au, has the com.au extension which identifies Australian businesses.

You can quickly and easily register a domain name/s at a domain registrar, like Zen Hosting.

If you don’t have a domain name, you can search domain names here to see what’s available, then complete registration

Remember: A domain name expires after a certain number of years, so you’ll need to renew it when prompted by your registrar.


What is web hosting


So now that you have a domain name, you need to take steps to ensure people around the globe can view your web site pages.

You’ll need to store your web site files on a special computer, called a web server, so your content is accessible to other internet users.

This web server space, called web hosting or web site hosting, is available from a web host or web hosting provider.

When someone types your domain name in their browser, their computer connects to your web host’s web server and delivers your web pages to them.

A server is typically housed in a facility called a data centre, which can be located anywhere in the world.

You’ll want the server that stores your web site files to be in the same country as your target audience. You’ll also want the server to be high powered and connected to a fast network around the clock, so your web site loads quickly (ideally, it should only be a matter of seconds) and anyone using the internet can view your content at any time.

Hosting servers differ in their storage capacity, speed and reliability, the latter of which is measured by uptime.

When choosing a plan, some of the factors you’ll want to consider are:

*Server location, speed and reliability or uptime

*Technical specifications – how much storage will you be allocated and is it easy to upgrade if necessary?

*Customer support – does the web hosting provider have local or offshore support?

*Maximum number of email accounts

*Cost and frequency of payment – can you pay monthly or annually for the web hosting?

*Web site back-ups – if anything goes wrong with your web site, does the web host take back-ups of it and how often?

What really sets Zen Hosting’s service apart is our All-Australian advantage. Our Australian web hosting is supported by Australian technical experts. Our servers aren’t crowded and our prices are among the cheapest you’ll find. Plus, there’s no contract and no hidden fees.

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