Following on from Part I, our technical experts answer more of your cPanel server management questions.

5. Email can’t be sent using Outlook 2007

Since January 2020, Microsoft hasn’t provided support for Windows 7, so it’s a good idea to update the email client.

If you want to try a different email program, there’s Mozilla Thunderbird.

If you don’t want to upgrade to a newer version of Outlook or try a different email program, you must enable TLS 1.0 on the cPanel / WHM server for compatibility.

In WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Manager > Basic Settings:

  1. Check that “Allow weak SSL/TLS ciphers” is “Off”.
  2. Add the following to “SSL/TLS Cipher Suite List”:
  3. Change “Options for OpenSSL” to the following:
    +no_sslv2 +no_sslv3
  4. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

6. Your mailbox has filled up with notifications about the high load average on your server

It is possible to change the conditions that determine when this email is sent to your mailbox.

We suggest running the nproc command to find out the number of processors in the system and then changing PT_LOAD_AVG to match that number.

Be sure to restart the lfd / csf process using the csf -r command so your changes come into effect immediately.

7. Post migration and before changing the DNS, we need to be able to log into the /wp-admin/ area

You can use your local /etc/hosts file and set up an entry so the website in question loads from the local computer, rather than the public internet.

However, there is another way. 

You can use to load your website. 

All you have to do is enter the name of the website and the IP address of the destination server.

8. You don’t know how to review log files when they have the .gz extension.

Instead of using the cat command, you can use zcat.

$ zcat users.list.gz

If you’d like to open a file which doesn’t haev the .gz file extension, you need to use the -f flag.

$ zcat -f users.list

To learn more about zcat, view the man page.

9. A server is due for decomission soon and it’s important to find out what websites are still pointing to the server.

There is no official tool that will provide you with the information you require.

However, a US-based host has created a tool that can be installed to WHM, which may assist you.

Even with such a tool, we’d encourage you to manually check each account prior to the server being decomissioned.

Please remember to take up backups of all the accounts.

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