Dedicated server in Australia with expert server management

Enjoy the ultimate in hosting power and flexibility with a dedicated server.

A complete isolation of server resources means nothing is shared with other machines or web sites, putting the most powerful hosting solution at your fingertips. Plus you get total control over the set-up of your web or database environment.

Not all servers are built equal; that’s why we only use Dell Enterprise servers with SSD storage, not the low-grade systems often offered by other dedicated server providers.

Choose a dedicated server in a high-security datacentre in Australia or Singapore and get heavy-duty defence against DDoS attacks, root access and an easy-to-use remote console.

Options for each Linux dedicated server include WHM cPanel, CloudLinux, Litespeed and more, as well as expert server management.

If you operate a medium to large business, online store or web site with high traffic, you won’t find a dedicated server of such a high specification with comprehensive and ever-reliable 24/7 server management at a better price in Australia.


The kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, where dedicated server provider Zen Hosting is located. Bound ahead with a dedicated server in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth plus server management.

"Always reliable and prompt support so we can focus on our development without worrying about server updates or failures."
- Joran A, Queensland

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"The team got back to me straight away at 1am on a public holiday. I am really impressed already!"
- Alayna D, South Australia

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The customer is king at Zen Hosting, where you can buy a dedicated server Australia with the best server management.

"A pleasure to deal with and have provided so much guidance and support that has really been a benefit to my business."
- Rory M, Western Australia

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"Zen Hosting provides a personalised service in a way that I haven't seen from other hosting services before."
- Johnny D, Western Australia

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Get a managed dedicated server at Zen Hosting and enjoy princely server management.

"The migration process was painless, fast and efficient. There was no issue with the SSL certificates either."
- Pauline B, Queensland

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"These guys have never dropped the ball and they are always willing to assist regardless of the issue."
- Michelle J, Victoria

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Server RAM Storage
SERVER 1: E3-1270v2
SERVER 2: E3-1240v6
SERVER 3: E3-1270v2
SERVER 4: E3-1240v6 Melbourne
SERVER 5: E3-1270v2
SERVER 6: E5-2670v2 x2


  • Get a fast dedicated server with SSD or NVME in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney

    SSD storage in RAID

    Take advantage of a fast dedicated server with SSD storage in RAID for stability and performance. Our dedicated servers are securely housed in state-of-the-art data centres in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, Australia, as well as Singapore.
  • Get dedicated server Australia with root access and IPMI access

    Dedicated server with root & IPMI access

    Root access allows administrator level log-on, while accessing IPMI over a VPN lets you manage your dedicated server in Australia or Singapore via a private network connection to the hardware if a connection to the shell fails.


  • Managed servers include software installation, around the clock monitoring, security and technical troubleshooting

    Server management

    Opt for server management and we’ll secure your server, install software, monitor server performance and health around the clock, and provide comprehensive support for server-related technical issues. IT professionals rely on our server managers.
  • Zen Hosting’s managed dedicated server includes cPanel WHM and the best server management

    cPanel WHM on your dedicated server

    It’s easy to manage web site files, MySQL databases, email accounts and more with cPanel, while WHM lets you administer your dedicated server. A cPanel WHM installation is included with Zen Hosting server management.
  • Zen Hosting offers server hosting with optional CloudLinux

    CloudLinux with all-important account isolation

    CloudLinux will boost your server’s performance by ensuring resource usage spikes don’t take it down. It also enhances security and comes with a PHP version selector. Get a Zen Hosting managed server and we’ll install and configure CloudLinux for you.
  • Take off when you add LiteSpeed to your server

    LiteSpeed for page speed optimisation

    Replace Apache with LiteSpeed for page speed optimisation and WordPress acceleration. Install the LSCache module in your CMS and get an even bigger speed boost.
  • Zen Hosting’s managed dedicated server in Australia comes with Softaculous or Installatron

    Softaculous or Installatron to easily install apps

    These auto software installers let you quickly and easily install software on your dedicated server in Australia or Singapore. All it takes is the click of a button. Opt for server management and we’ll install Softaculous or Installatron for you.
  • Zen Hosting offers KernelCare with dedicated servers

    KernelCare delivers security without reboots

    You’ll want the latest kernel and security updates to help avoid server issues. KernelCare automatically applies these and there’s no need to reboot, so you can say goodbye to hours of manual work and reboots (to apply updates) causing downtime.
  • Take off when you add LiteSpeed to your server hosting

    Imunify 360 for high-level server security

    Imunify 360 is a super powerful defence against server attacks. It also makes it really easy to find threats fast and clean malware and viruses at the click of a button.
  • Zen Hosting offers dedicated server with JetBackup

    JetBackup gets backup jobs done

    This leading backup solution is just what you need for a full cPanel account restore, file/folder restore, database restore, disaster recovery and backing up to multiple destinations. Our tech experts can set it up on your managed server for you.


    Zen Hosting's team of technical experts provides fast and efficient 24/7 ticketing support to all hosting customers. Dedicated server clients receive priority support. We also offer server management, which is an optional add-on and relied on by everyone from tech novices to IT professionals across Australia.

    Dedicated servers are housed at the Equinix data centre in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the NextDC facility in Perth. Need a server in Brisbane or Adelaide? Just let us know.

    The Zen Hosting team can have a dedicated server set up in one business day. Once it is set up, we harden the server (hardening is the process of making an operating system more secure). The hardening work is included as part of our server management.

    CentOS 7 is our preferred distro for managed dedicated servers.

    Our management is very comprehensive. Initially we harden the dedicated server, then we proactively monitor resources and provide extensive support for system administration and technical issues. We also set up and take backups.

    Yes, we can devise a custom solution. Tell us your dedicated server requirements or provide your contact details to receive a call to discuss your needs.

    We monitor dedicated servers using an external system. We can monitor everything from the HTTP status of a critical web site to RAID health. If you special monitoring requirements for any of your web sites, please let us know.

    Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or RAID is a system comprising two or more drives in parallel. We believe RAID 10 is optimal but for a startup, RAID 1 is sufficient.

    Yes, you can upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server. We would arrange a time for our team to migrate all of your cPanel web sites, for free, to your new platform.

    In short, yes. We can set up your dedicated server as a node and run as many VPS instances as needed by your business / organisation. You could, for example, have one VPS for your development environment and one for your production environment, which is recommended.